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Story Guild is a community that provides public relations, marketing, and communications support to the Web3 world. We are a Service DAO providing clients with a results-based model to help them get earned media attention, and translate their story to a wide audience.

Our Mission

Story Guild`'s mission is to bridge the communication gap between emerging technology and the mainstream world.

Why Story Guild?

The Web3 space is full of jargon and lacking communicators, content creators, social media managers, and writers among other non-technical support. Without effective communicators who can provide guidance on how to shape discourse in a productive way, the Web3 ecosystem risks becoming an echo chamber.

What We Do

  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Communications
  • Brand Positioning
  • Investor Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Training
  • Event Management

Public Relations Services

We do PR for announcements, launches, product developments, and more, for emerging and legacy projects in the DeFi space.

Media Training

We can assist with booking and training media appearances such as podcasts, conferences, interviews, and any other virtual or in person appearances. We’ll teach you the language to authentically communicate your message and story to crypto and mainstream publications!


We produce content such as Opinion Pieces and feature story ideas in order to tell your story on a global scale.


Tell us about the roadblocks in sharing your story, and we will help you craft meaningful narratives to get your project noticed.


Public Relations

DAOhaus is Story Guild's first and current client.





Public Relations

Story Guild helped Prime DAO create a narrative around their IDO launch.



Public Relations

AladdinDAO is a current Story Guild client.

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Story Guild is a decentralized community that brings your story to life in the Web3 world

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Join our army of crypto translators as we write and share stories about emerging blockchain projects!

The future of work in web 3.0 is not only for coders and developers. We need passionate communicators who want to join our community of creatives to tell the stories of emerging blockchain and crypto projects!

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Story Guild has landed clients in the following publications

This is a non-exhaustive list of crypto focused publications where we have placed our clients for news stories, features, OpEds, and podcast interviews.
Crypto Coin Show
Crypto News
The Defiant
France Crypto
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